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Dear friends,


As a Senator representing Ontario in the Senate of Canada, I am happy to welcome you to this website where you can learn about some of the work that I have done during my first three years as a Senator.

A Senator’s work takes place in the Senate Chamber and in Senate Committees. In addition, there are many events that take place on, or in the vicinity of, Parliament Hill in Ottawa, as well as in communities from coast to coast to coast.

If you want to find out more about recent developments, I invite you to visit, my new website. There you can learn more about my work and keep up to date on my activities.  The website is part of me sharing my work with you, Canadians, and allowing you to see what I do on your behalf. 

My website is a work in progress as is my work in the Senate. I can better perform my duty to Canada and Canadians when you communicate with me. I urge you to use the Contact Us section to let me know what you think of the work I do for you, and what hopes and concerns that you may have. 

Thank you very much for visiting.


Sincerely yours,


The Hon. Tobias C. Enverga Jr.


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